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Infor Library and Information Solutions is a division of Infor Global Solutions, Inc. The division is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and has offices in France, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and the United States. The department focuses on the development of information management and automation solutions for libraries, Vubis-Smart is a primary product within this division.

Client Goals & Requirements:

Infor required a marketing web site solution to educate the markets-that-be about their software products within this division. The biggest challenge: the site had to be designed and built in a 4 week period, PLUS be multi-lingual to encompass their multi-national target markets, France, England, United States and Netherlands divisions.

Solution Summary:

Key Solutions:

  • Interface design
  • Design of multi-lingual flash component
  • Full project completed in just 4 week time period

To quickly communicate a clear understanding of what Vubis-Smart provided for solutions, a flash animation was incorporated to convey key messaging. The design focused on establishing a style and visual definition, while providing easy access to the various products and content.

The content, controlled through Olive Development CMS, is easily updated in all three languages through an online administrative area.

The web solution gave Infor the multi-lingual platform it required for its world-wide marketing and sales of its software solutions, both on time, and on-budget.