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Volunteer NH is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote the tradition of service in New Hampshire. They support and sponsor national service initiatives and provide training, recognition, and a central site for volunteers and volunteer programs to help them strengthen their communities.

Client Goals & Requirements:

In the tough economic times, volunteerism is a hard sell. Volunteer NH needed a new site that would generate energy around the concept of volunteering. As well, the site needed to more clearly communicate the various aspects to the organization, with its sub-divisions, and related volunteer groups. The existing site was created over four years prior, in that time the organization's focus has evolved, the new site had to establish a new foundation which provided for today's needs.

Solution Summary:

Key Solutions:

  • Completely restructured the site architecture and navigation scheme
  • Full re-design of the interface
  • Installation of a CMS providing key content modules

The first step was to examine the structure of the site, working with the client to create a new site architecture to allow for more efficient access to pertinent content. Through the site architecture process, the main areas of focus were identified, each standing as a primary element of content. Our visual solution was to give each a clear identifiable image, to create a visual relationship between section title and content.

The design of the site created a richer experience, with a warm, textural feel. The page layout frames the content, and clear areas house the dynamic elements controlled through specific modules developed in the Content Management System.

The entire site is managed through a CMS, providing the client with full control of content, and updates to text and images. Custom modules were developed for specific content areas, to simplify managing and updating these content areas.

The conclusion was a site that helps to promote organizations mission, advocating volunteerism and helping to create a greater awareness and participation level in the state of New Hampshire. Because of the web site, there has been a 30% increase in the amount of inquiries and interested volunteers.