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Stenhouse Publishers, located in Portland, Maine, was founded in 1993. Stenhouse publishes professional development books and videos for the education idustry. With an extensive title list, their publishing program supports both teachers and learners of all ages.

Client Goals & Requirements:

Stenhouse Publishers, focused on the educational market, required a interface overhaul. The new look needed to allow for easier access to products and information, yet retain compliance with their established identity (ie. Green). Online sales is an integral part of their business, we were challenged to show a marked increase in online purchases, and visitor time-on-site.

Solution Summary:

Key Solutions:

  • Overhaul of the site architecture
  • Complete re-design of the interface
  • Incorporation of flash "featured items" component
  • Design and build-out of an online store
  • Installation of a CMS

For the re-design effort, we began by breaking down the existing web interface, and through a process of constructive schematics, site architecture design, we were able to amend the existing site to make it more efficient and user-centric.

Partnering with Olive Development, who implemented a full back-end re-development effort, the site worked to balance a very user-friendly look-and-feel, with the broadened technical solutions. We streamlined the purchase process enhancing their existing e-commerce solution to make buying books quicker and easier.

The modular foundation provided by the CMS allows the site to develop and expand, keeping content and information updated, which is vital to the publishing industry.