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One Voice is a nonprofit organization focusing on providing information and support to parents and teenagers on substance abuse and awareness programs. The organization also acts as a direct source of information for those in need.

Client Goals & Requirements:

The client came to us to help establish a web presence for the organization, to help get their message out, connect with the community, and provide information and resources. The site needed to be dynamic, in both look and the information it provided, to grab a wide-range target audience.

Solution Summary:

Key Solutions:

  • Designed of site architecture and navigation scheme
  • User interface and User Experience design
  • Installation of a CMS providing key content modules
  • On-going training and support
  • eMarketing services including eNewsletter design
  • Google Adwords campaign

The Web site solution was a result of the collaborative efforts of Brigham Pendleton Design and Olive Development. The companies collectively formed a strategic plan for ONE Voice, with initial focus on establishing the content structure and navigational scheme. Working with the client to identify the stakeholders, perform a content inventory, and orchestrate a clear outline of the site architecture, the result ensured the information was intuitively organized and easily accessible to the end user.

The overall development of the Web site proved to be a unique challenge, ensuring it functioned as a source for parents and youth seeking information on awareness, resources, and where to get help, as well as a resource for partnering support groups. Olive Development provided a content management system allowing the staff at ONE Voice the ability to maintain their site, keeping content current and relative.

The design required some juggling, to establish a balance between hip and informative. We were able to create a look that both connects with the younger audience using grunge-styled graphics, yet still maintains a clean, organized layout to facilitate access to the content within the site, for youths and adults, support groups and those in need of help resources.

"As a non-profit, we needed to get it right the first time and it was their intuitiveness that directed our design and branding.

What continues to resonate is that they had a vision and walked us through that vision even when would could not see it ourselves.

The design demonstrates creativity in a crowded field of mediocrity...we are a very satisfied client."

Melissa Silvey
Coordinator for ONE Voice NH