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Founded nearly 20 years ago, Lark books has become an established publisher of books for the crafting industry providing over 300 titles on crafting techniques and artistry. Lark has a very specific and well established market and customer base in the publishing industry.

Client Goals & Requirements:

Lark Books was in need of a new look-and feel to replace their previous site, also designed by Brigham Pendleton Design, back in 2001. Seven years had lapsed, it was time for a change. They were looking to awaken their image with a high-energy palette and new graphic interface to work with the back-end solutions being provided through a 3rd-party web developing firm.

Solution Summary:

Key Solutions:

  • Interface design
  • Design of division-specific landing pages
  • Design and build of flash animated interface for Kids section

The design strived to bring about a sense of enthusiasm, and touch the creative nature, to capture the interest of those creative folks who would be shopping for books on crafts and crafting. The design established modular templates that integrated into the back-end technology behind the site.

A unique feel was created for each of the individual groups of book types, giving appropriate personality to each, such as a fun flash component for the Kids section, as well as utilizing images, graphics and design stylistic influcences from the various title sections.

Various specific user-focused solutions were conceptualized and with the guidance of Brigham Pendleton Design, the 3rd party developer integrated these to add easier access to sub sections within the site.

"Brigham knows how to be creative while delivering the goods. His work is consistently terrific, and his ability to think outside the box always gives a client something to look forward to."

Brian Caskey
Senior Manager, Digital Development
Lark Books