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Usability Analysis
A Website Usability Analysis can identify issues with your web site that may be effecting the success of your site. It can reveal how your users are interacting with your site, revealing major flaws which could be causing them to become frustrated, or click away from your site.

Usability analysis can reveal problems with design, layout, copy, or technical structure. With the analysis report, these problems can be addressed specifically.

Our Usability Analysis covers the following areas:

Usability Study

  • Navigation review
  • Design and layout recommendations
  • Page download times
  • Browser compatibility check
  • Shopping cart or checkout process review
  • Accessibility issues
  • Review for errors, bad copy, broken links

Heuristic Walkthrough

  • A narrative description of your site as seen through the eyes of a typical user.

Copywriting/Marketing Analysis

  • Appeal to target audience
  • Writing style and content overview
  • Additional content recommendations

Specific Recommendations

  • Detailed recommendations on areas that can be improved.

Ensuring your web site is as usable as it can be will help your site be more successful and functional to your target audience.