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Though the web has progressed through the years, a solid foundation, a concise user-interface design and user-centric development still hold an intrinsic value. A web site provides no purpose if it is not usable; if the content is difficult to find, if the back-end has bugs or restrictions, and if the design doesn't create an environment that's visually enjoyable.

A site needs to be developed to reach the broadest market, so the first step is to understand who will be using the web site, then take the real audience into account and build the site to work for them.

Some try to cover up for solid solutions with more priority placed on the "wow" factor, and less on the actual experience, these web sites stand to confuse and ultimately lose the interest of their visitors. We strive to create intelligent navigation systems, intuitive design, and functions that are applicable and valued.

LIM College"Brigham Pendleton Design worked closely with us to cultivate our web site design, forming a collaborative partnership with us. He worked to gain an understanding of the fundamental nature of the National Maritime Historical Society, successfully translating it into a "visual brand" for the Internet."

Julia Church
Communications Director
National Maritime Historical Society

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